Keanu Reeves Knows How John Wick 3 Should Start

SPOILER WARNING: Minor spoilers for the "John Wick" film series below.

Given how utterly awesome -- not to mention financially successful -- "John Wick: Chapter 2" is, it's all but assured that we'll get to see a conclusion to the surprise hit(man) trilogy sooner than later. "Chapter 2" ended with Mr. Wick finding himself in a bit of a pickle, now having to stare down an entire criminal underworld out to get him. And while the possibilities of how he'll manage to kill his way out of that predicament are virtually endless, Keanu Reeves himself has an idea of how to jump straight into "Chapter 3."

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"I think the opening of the film should be Wick just trying to escape from New York. Literally trying to get off the island," Reeves said in an interview alongside "Chapter 2" director Chad Stahelski on the Empire Podcast. "Maybe he asks [Laurence Fisburne’s] the Bowery King for help. Maybe John Leguizamo comes and helps me out. 'John, I can’t do it, you’re excommunicado!' Maybe the High Table shows up. And then the High Table starts firing guns. And then maybe this kind of thing starts to happen between the High Table and Continental? Maybe John is the activator of this confrontation, and perhaps there’s a war? Wouldn’t that be awesome?!"

It's pretty safe to say that our collective answer to that last question is probably something along the lines of, "Yes. That would be awesome. Please start filming tomorrow." That being said, Stahelski offered a bit of a counterpoint to Reeves' pitch.

"Granted, 1 and 2 take place within the same week. Number 3 may be a little bit more of a duration for John to get lost in the world then come back," he said.

Honestly, either idea sounds perfectly fine, as long as we get Keanu Reeves jet-setting around the world while making good on his promise to "kill them all."

"John Wick: Chapter 2," also starring Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, Ruby Rose and Common, is currently blasting its way across theaters.

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