Kazu Kibuishi and friends takes "Flight" at Image

When CBR News first told you about the independent anthology "Flight" back in February, it was a comic without a home. Then we learned during Wizard World Los Angeles that newly crowned Publisher of Image Comics Erik Larsen had decided "Flight's" home should be with the big I. CBR News caught up with "Flight's" Kazu Kibuishi to get the latest on the project.

"We were up in San Francisco promoting the book at the Alternative Press Expo and Erik Larsen walked by our table and said he wanted to publish 'Flight!' It was kind of surreal," said Kibuishi, "since Erik was one of my heroes back in high school when all I wanted was to be a comic book artist. Many of the artists, including myself, were surprised and incredibly happy that a publisher as prominent as Image would want to handle the book. After speaking with some other publishers and weighing our options, we decided that Image was the right fit."

Now that a publisher was on board, the obvious next step is to get the book out, which will happen very soon.

"The final book will be 208 full color pages and will debut at Comic-Con International in San Diego in July. The book should be available in stores at the same time. We already began work on the second volume, so I sure hope this one does well enough to pave the way for the next one."

With news getting out about "Flight," interest from the creative community has grown, enabling the next volume to house some very familiar names.

"I'm happy to say that in future volumes of 'Flight' we'll have stories from even more artists I really admire and respect from both the comics and animation industries," said Kibuishi. "Future contributors include Michel Gagne, Doug TenNapel, Rhode Montijo, Douglas Holgate, Becky Cloonan, Joana Carneiro, Justin Ridge, Richard Pose, Amy Kim Ganter, and Rodolphe Guenoden. I'll announce a few more artists once I'm sure of their involvement. Of course, every member of the original gang will be back to do more stories, and that's what I'm looking forward to most of all.

"Since we last talked, the only thing that's changed is that we're certain now that we'll be published, and the rest of the Volume One stories came rolling in. When I saw for the first time what these artists had accomplished together, I was completely awestruck. The work is magnificent. They put so much heart into this thing I didn't know what to say.

"Please wish us luck and come visit us in San Diego! If this book does well, we can be sure to make some more fun stuff for everyone, and I am certain the best is yet to come."

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