Katy Keene Reveals Who To Expect In Riverdale Crossovers

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Katy Keene might not be as well known as her brothers and sisters in the Archieverse -- like Sabrina or Jughead -- but that might change with her upcoming show on The CW. More to the point, just because the teenage fashionista is making the transition from comic to screen doesn't mean she's forgotten her roots: we already know who she'll cross over with.

In fact, you might already know a lot of Katy's supporting cast. Ashleigh Murray will reprise her role as Josie McCoy, the former frontwoman of Riverdale's Pussycats, who will now be Katy's partner-in-crime. But what about Melody and Valerie? Has Josie forgotten them? Well, according to Deadline, executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased, "We definitely will be seeing the Pussycats, but probably not in the way you expect."

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Executive producer Michael Grassi also revealed that Josie's mother, Sierra McCoy, will appear on the show. "We love Robin Givens," he said. "She will come visit for sure."

The new series is set about five years after Riverdale, so crossovers with the parent show won't be easy to pull off, but there are some plans. One of the recurring characters on Katy Keene will be a boxer named K.O. Kelly (played by Zane Holtz) who, according to Grassi, will face off against a familiar face from Riverdale. However, he wouldn't confirm just who it was.

Fans of the Archie comics will also get to meet a new take on Ginger Lopez. Jonny Beauchamp will play an aspiring Broadway performer named Jorge who creates "Ginger" to be his own drag persona and alter ego.

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Katy Keene is created by Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina creator and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also serves as an executive producer and co-writer of the pilot with Michael Grassi. Maggie Kiley directed the pilot. The series stars Lucy Hale, Ashleigh Murray, Jonny Beauchamp, Julia Chan, Camille Hyde, Lucien Laviscount, Zane Holtz and Katherine LaNasa. It will debut during mid-season on The CW.

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