Karl Urban Says "Conversations Are Happening" About "Dredd" TV Series

Say what you will about Karl Urban, but the "Dredd" star refuses to give up hope.

Just as tenacious fans of the commercially unsuccessful 2012 comic adaptation have lobbied for a sequel, signing petitions and driving up its Blu-ray and DVD sales, Urban has remained a cheerleader for more "Dredd," in whatever form it might take.

Just last week the actor threw his support behind a call for a "Dredd" television series on Netflix or Amazon, and now it looks as if maybe -- just maybe -- some wheels are beginning to turn.

During his panel Saturday afternoon at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, Urban reportedly said "conversations are happening" about that "Dredd" series at one of those two streaming services.

Of course, "Dredd" fans have been down this path before, with glimmers of hope for a sequel seemingly emerging, only to be quickly shattered. Producer Adi Shankar said last year that because of the film's poor box-office performance -- it grossed $41.5 million worldwide, falling short of its production budget -- someone of Dwayne Johnson's caliber would have to sign on for a sequel to secure financing.

"Maybe we get The Rock in and fucking save the franchise," he said, "because The Rock fucking saves everybody's franchise."

But of course that's for a movie, not a Netflix or Amazon series, where the budgets are significantly lower. We've seen what can be done on a streaming service with series like "Daredevil," so a television return to Mega-City One might not be out of the realm of possibility.

(via io9.com, Screen Geek)

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