KAPOW: Marvel Announce Spencer & Rios on "Cloak and Dagger"

At Kapow Comic Con in London this weekend, Marvel announced at its Cup O' CB panel that newly-exclusive writer Nick Spencer and artist Emma Rios will team on the three-part mini-series featuring the fan favorite characters Cloak and Dagger.

The heroic duo first debuted in 1982's "Spectacular Spider-Man" #64 and have starred in occasional series and specials since that time, including a one-shot last year by Stuart Moore and Mark Brooks, though in recent years they have primarily appeared as supporting characters. Ty Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger) met when both were teenage runaways, and shortly after striking up an unlikely friendship both were abducted for experiments that would imbue them with powers, turning Ty into the shadowy Cloak and Tandy into the brilliant Dagger. They began fighting street-level crime, especially drug dealers and have also tackled teenage homelessness, though more recently they have played roles in the Avengers' and X-Men's adventures.

"These were some of the first characters I wanted to work on when I came to Marvel," said Spencer to a packed auditorium at the inaugural Kapow convention.

"The book is about their relationship and that they don't like living without each other. They will find that there are forces vested in pulling them apart," Spencer explained, going on to say that "I want fans to fall in love with the characters."

Spencer, who is currently working on "Iron Man 2.0," did not give a date for the upcoming book.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In a previous version of this story we erroneously noted that art in last year's one-shot was by Max Brooks. That was actually contributed by Mark Brooks.

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