Kapow! Con Announces Guests, TV & Movie Plans

After locking in dates for a second engagement at London's Business Design Centre, Islington on May 19 and 20, the Kapow! Comic Con masterminded by comics writer Mark Millar has released a full lineup of guests for this spring, and CBR News has advance details on the creators attending, the role fans can play in bringing a new summer blockbuster to the show for an early preview, its TV coverage plans and the voting for the second annual Stan Lee Awards.

On the guest list front, Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer will be the guest of honour - the artist's first time ever as the guest of a British convention. In addition, writer Warren Ellis will conduct a special one[hour "Audience with Warren Ellis" panel, popular British comedians Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr will stop through to anchor a panel for Millar's "CLiNT" magazine, and a host of other comic talents will be appearing including "Defenders" artist Terry Dodson, also making his UK con debut (for a full list of attendees, see the PR below).

In the realm of media, Kapow! is running a special promotion where attendees can help pick which summer movie will get an early preview at the show. Last year, the con unveiled the superhero dramedy "Super" starring Rain Wilson. This year, fans can send an e-mail to movie@kapowcomicconvention.com

"Thor and Loki made a big impression last year and the studios were really pleased with the response," Millar told CBR. "We've had lots of offers to preview or even screen entire movies, but obviously the con is only on for two days and we have a full line-up as is. We can preview two movies and screen one in total. We're keen to hear from readers what they suggest."

In addition, the writer explained, "We're going to have the cast of an upcoming comic-book movie live on stage. You'll hear what this in the next few weeks and this is one of several enormous announcements we're breaking exclusively on CBR between now and May 2 when the full blockbuster movie and television line-up is being announced." But until that cast can be unveiled, the organizer was happy to announce that "Kapow! will be recorded for television this year and highlights broadcast a week after the event," he said. "Music and movie news is considered mainstream enough for television. We even have the Glastonbury Highlights Show in the UK broadcast soon after the musical festival here every Summer. Spider-Man and Batman are bigger than any band, and I want to have an interview on TV be as important as an interview with a rock star or movie star. We've been doing a lot of work putting this together in the background and the visibility on terrestrial television after the event is going to take Kapow! to a whole new level. As far as I'm aware, nobody's ever done anything like this with a comic show before."

Finally, Millar revealed the panel who will create the nominee lineup for the second annual Stan Lee Awards. This year, the panel will include CBR's own Jeffrey Renaud as well as artist Klaus Janson, director James Gunn, Josh Wilding from Comic Book Movie, Adrian Hieatt from AICN, Iron Man screenwriter Drew Pearce, lettering legend John Workman, Lev Grossman from Time Magzine, Jonah Weiland and Brian Cronin from CBR, John Mosby from Impact magazine, former Marvel and DC editor Jenny Lee, comic journalists Jill Pantozzi, Chris Arrant, Ryan Lindsay, Emma Jeffers, former Atomic Comics owner Mike Malve, Richard George from IGN, music journalist Billy Chainsaw, geek journalist Rick Marshall and Simon Brew from Den of Geek. The online poll for fan voting on the Stan Lee Awards will be available as of Monday, February 20.

Check out the full guest lineup for Kapow! 2012 below and on their homepage at www.kapowcomicconvention.com, and stay tuned to CBR News for more updates on the event.

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Joe Quesada was appointed as Marvel's editor-in-chief in 2000, the first artist to achieve such a position. As editor-in-chief of the largest comic book publisher in the business, he has shaped and defined the American industry's biggest moves for the last ten years.

In 2010 Joe became the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, a position in which he oversees the creative aspects of media adaptations of Marvel properties, including story and script development for movies, TV and gaming as well as the world famous comic division. Joe also helps to ensure that all portrayals of Marvel's characters and stories remain true to the essence of Marvel, keeping fans happy. He's the longest-serving Editor in Chief since Stan Lee and we're delighted to have him on a rare visit to London.


Come and meet two of the country's greatest comedians as Jimmy Carr interviews Frankie Boyle live on stage to talk about his work for CLINT Magazine and his love of comic-books. A MUST SEE EVENT!


Award-winning writer Warren Ellis answers questions on his illustrious career and his future plans.


Bryan Hitch (Ultimates) introduces America's Got Powers, a collaboration between himself and TV host and comic book writer Jonathan Ross (Turf).


Olivier Coipel, Charlie Adlard, Paul Grist, Mike Carey, Glenn Fabry, Sean Phillips, Eric Stephenson plus Rian Hughes, Matt Smith, Rob Williams, Simon Spurrier and the creators of "Bayou Arcana."


• Frank Quitely • Mark Millar• Dougie Braithwaite• Paul Cornell• C.B. Cebulski• Shaky Kane• Nick Spencer• David Lloyd• Dave Gibbons• Kieron Gillen• Peter Milligan• Ian Churchill• Andy Diggle• Jock• Steve Parkhouse• Steve Yeowell• John McCrea• David Hine• Adi Granov• Simon Furman• Chris Weston• James Hodgkins• Peter Hogan

Tickets for Kapow! are only available in advance and through the website www.kapowcomicconvention.com. Tickets for Kapow! 2011 sold out ahead of the event, so get your tickets now.

Kapow! Comic Convention is an event run by Brightstar Events and has no connection or affiliation with San Diego Comic-Con or Comic-Con International.

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