Kaos Moon returns from Tusk Entertainment in October 2001

Official Press Release

[Kaos Moon]Kaos Moon, the fan-favorite series formally published by Caliber Comics, returns in Full Color by creator David Boller from Tusk Entertainment, a new multi-media entertainment company founded by David Boller, Mary Hildebrandt and Michael Doujak.

The new mini-series Kaos Moon: The Gates of Delirium reintroduces to the comic audience Katja Zakkov, one of the most renowned mediums in the world and the channel for Kaos Moon, an astral projection formed by her mystical mind. Kaos Moon: The Gates of Delirium #1 premieres in October 2001 and will thrust Katja and her assistant Jules into the magical city of Bombay where they are sent to investigate the existence of a mysterious cult that is believed to be distributing the "ultimate thrill drug", an extremely dangerous injection of cobra's venom. But hidden behind this potentially lethal drug is an evil from Kaos Moon's shrouded past, an ancient shamanknown only as Shrasa.

"After spending the last three years working as a freelance artist for such companies as Top Cow, LucasFilms and DC, I wanted to return to my true calling, Kaos Moon," said creator David Boller. "My first attempt at publishing Kaos Moon was through Caliber Comics in 1996. It was the most rewarding experience of my professional career being able to produce exactlythe type of material that I find interesting. And while initial sales with Caliber were encouraging, unfortunately the market constricted shortly afterwards and continuing with Kaos Moon became financially impossible.While I thank Caliber for giving Kaos Moon her start, I felt that it would be best to present Kaos Moon to a whole new audience by creating, alongwith Mary Hilderbrandt and Michael Doujak, Tusk Entertainment."

"I've always felt that Kaos Moon had the potential to reach a really large audience," said Tusk Managing Editor James Pruett. "When I brought Kaos Moonto Caliber in 1996, I found David's artwork to be truly unique. The attention to detail and the design work that he adds to each page reallycaught my eye. And over the years he's only gotten better. The one thing I always thought was missing from Kaos Moon was color, and now, through Tuskthat's no longer the case as everything will be in full color.

"David's a perfectionist and a control freak, and I say that in the highest regards. He wants everything to look the best it can and the way he envisions it. And to do this, he wants to do everything himself. The plotting, the artwork, the coloring, the lettering, etc. Anyone who'sworked in comics can testify that this is the surest, quickest way to having a nervous breakdown. But when he sends me the new pages as they are produced, I think readers will agree that this is some of the best finished pages,artwork and color, that they've seen in a long while. And this is only the beginning."

Kaos Moon: The Gates of Delirium #1, a two-part mini-series, is scheduled for an October 2001 release and will be published bi-monthly and in fullcolor. Kaos Moon will be an on-going series divided into story segments with story and artwork provided by creator David Boller with James Pruettassisting with scripting.

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