Kansas City police help 6-year-old boy shine as Batman

A six-year-old boy in Kansas City has donned a cape and cowl to become Batman. KSHB in Kansas City has reported that a pay it forward group called BOOST and the Kansas City Police Department have teamed up to make Isaac Walker's dream of becoming Batman come true.

With the Riddler and the Joker on the run, Isaac and his cousin became Batman and Robin to assist the police in apprehending the two supervillains. The dynamic duo received a police escort to a warehouse in the West Bottoms district of downtown Kansas City where they spotted their dastardly foes and rescued two innocent bystanders in the process.

"It was a dream come true," said Isaac's mother Beth. "It was very humbling to see so many people coming together selflessly -- that haven't met -- to do something for a little boy." Walker explained that Isaac's three-year-old brother Nathan was born without an immune system and spent eleven months in the hospital, during which Isaac's needs were put on hold. The six-year-old also had to spend time in isolation so as to not get his younger brother sick.

When asked why her son chose to play the role of the Dark Knight, Walker replied with an answer that no one can argue with: "Batman's super cool."

— Andres Gutierrez (@AFGutierrez) December 29, 2014

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