Kandora Publishing Solicitations For Product Shipping March, 2005

Official Press Release

Barbarossa and the Lost Corsairs #1

Written by Brian Augustyn

Art by H.S. Park

Colors by Transparency Digital


In a wild adventure that spans the universe from the high seas of our world in the Middle Ages to an extra dimensional realm of deadly monsters, strange civilizations and wild science, the exciting series stars the historical, red-bearded pirate known as Barbarossa and his crew of rowdy privateers. Along with the Countess Julia of Fondi--a "captive" of great beauty and greater thirst for excitement, Barbarossa and his men struggle to survive this impossible new world. Finding their way home is the goal to be sure, but not before the freebooters take their fill of thrilling adventure and fabulous treasure!

In this issue:

After Lady Julia talks--and fights--her way aboard Barbarossa's Corsair ship, her father dispatches an armada to bring her back. When the heavily armed galleons chase the swift Corsairs into the eye of a powerful typhoon, it looks as if Barbarossa's dreams of adventure will be dashed to pieces along with his ship. Incredibly, however, the astonished crew finds themselves sailing out of the storm and into a strange new world--and, it seems, to safety. When a monster as big as ten whales explodes up from the depths of the sea, safety and sanity may be a thing of the past.

Intended for all ages

Full Color

Comic book size

40 pages


On sale in March 2005

Special Notes:

Each issue will contain 32 story pages.

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