Comic Legends: Was There Nearly a Kamandi TV Series?

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Bruce Timm tried to make a Kamandi animated series.



This week, DC released the first issue of the "Kamandi Challenge." Just the other day, I did a write-up about how cool the original Jack Kirby written and drawn "Kamandi" series was. You know who else knows how awesome Kamandi is? Bruce Timm, that's who! He did the cover for the first issue of the "Kamandi Challenge"...

Just a quick check of Google will show you how much of a Kamandi fan Timm is, as there are a bunch of sketches by Timm of the classic Kirby character out there. Here's just one I'm spotlighting at random...

However, Timm was actually more of a Kamandi fan than you might think. He actually tried to get Kamandi made as an animated TV series following his success on "Batman," "Superman" and "Justice League"!

He explained on ToonZone about his pitch for the show:

It was pretty much an off-the-cuff verbal pitch, with color blowups of Kirby comic art. The lady from Kids WB seemed very confused while looking at the art: "I kinda like the premise, but, um...you want it to look like THAT?!" Also, they wanted to add a strong female supporting character, and since there really AREN'T any in the original comics, and i wanted to stay as faithful to the comics as possible, we reached a quick impasse. They lost interest. It would have been WAY too violent for them, anyway, i think. It is probably best it didn't happen..

Man, Kamandi really would make for such an amazing animated series. It's just such a great concept. Oh well, like Timm noted, it would probably be too violent for kids television, but man, that it even got as far being a PITCH. That's tough to hear. But awesome on Timm's part that he went for it.

Thanks to Bruce Timm for the amazing information. He's such a helpful guy when it comes to sharing cool stories about his work.

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