Kaluta Art Goes Missing at CCI, Artist Asks for Help

One of the great joys for comic fans attending Comic-Con International in San Diego is obtaining original pieces of art by your favorite creators.

Of course, it's always best if you actually pay for the ones on sale.

Two pieces of Michael Kaluta's wandered off on Saturday, July 21 at the convention without being paid for, and the artist has posted the images on his Web site in hopes that someone will recognize them and either return him or contact him.

"I, personally, still think there was an inadvertent removal of the art and that it will be returned when discovered among someone's convention purchases," the artist said on the site. "However, should anyone reading this message be approached with either of these pieces for sale, you now know that whoever is offering them does not have my permission to do so."

The two pieces in question are the covers to the "Books of Magic: Girl in the Box" and "Witches" trade paperbacks from DC/Vertigo.

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