'Kaijumax' #1 gets kawaii with Bryan Lee O'Malley variant cover

Oni Press has revealed Bryan Lee O'Malley's variant cover for the first issue of Kaijumax, the comic by Zander Cannon (Heck) about an island prison for giant monsters.

The acclaimed creator of Scott Pilgrim and Seconds, O'Malley draws some of the island's inmates in a chibi form so adorable you wished the comic had its own line of collectible plush toys. In front is protagonist Electrogor, whose only desire is to escape and return to his hungry and frightened children. On his right is Hellmoth, the tattooed nod to Mothman, who's sure to be a favorite.

It’s meant to be very much an ensemble piece, though Electrogor is your typical viewpoint character: relatable, doesn’t know much about the prison, etc.," Cannon explained to ROBOT 6 earlier this month. "The first arc is heavy on his story, but it’s stretched out a fair bit so we can follow the other characters, good and bad. I feel like every character has a goal, and I like that we can even get involved in the bad guys’ arcs; the moral relativism is a big part of what’s interesting to me about prison drama."

An ongoing series, Kaijumax debuts on April 8.


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