Kaboom! Man Threatens to Blow Up Comic Shop in Stolen Comics Dispute

A Reno, Nevada man barricaded himself inside a local comic shop Friday, threatening to blow the store up in a dispute over comics he alleges were stolen from his personal collection.

Unemployed craps dealer Robert Allen Bailey, 47, was arrested after a 90 minute lunchtime standoff with police during which he had threatened to explode a homemade bomb, made of propane canisters, lamp oil and 4,000 firecrackers.

According to Reno police, Bailey entered Alex D's Comics shortly before noon, and ordered a female employee to put on handcuffs. After a brief scuffle, she escaped and contacted police.

Bailey was apparently trying to reclaim or destroy some of what he claims are $100,000 worth of comics and memorabilia stolen from his storage shed in 2000. Police say there is no evidence Alex D's Comics ever belonged to Bailey.

Bailey was arrested on suspicion of attempted kidnapping, battery with intent to commit robbery, burglary and possession of an explosive device.

"If he couldn't have his comic books, nobody could," Reno police Sgt. Doug McPartland told the Reno Journal-Gazette.

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