Ka-Blam launches print-on-demand distribution service

Over the weekend, Ka-Blam Digital Printing responded to Diamond's increased order minimums with ComicsMonkey, a print-on-demand distribution service that promises "no benchmarks, no thresholds, no minimums, no fees."

This service probably would be slightly bigger news if publishers weren't required to print through Ka-Blam in order to be distributed by ComicsMonkey.

There's also the issue of terms for retailers: a 35-percent discount, no returns, and the retailer pays for shipping.

Creator Von Allan hones in on those sticking points in the comments section of the ComicsMonkey blog:

While I hope I’m wrong, I find that the retailer terms are pretty untenable. 35% off cover, non-returnable, with shipping charges on top of that? That’s a lot of risk to put on the retailer with not much to help them out.

So, while I understand the pricing realities of POD, this seems like Ka-Blam titles would be special order only in most stores, assuming that those stores even set-up accounts in the first place. That also means sales will most likely be pretty minimal.

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