Fundraiser Seeks to Aid Marvel Colorist Justin Ponsor's Cancer Treatment

A GoFundMe account has been set up to aid Marvel Comics colorist Justin Ponsor with his cancer treatment.

The account was set up by one of Ponsor's friends, Alex Car, stating that Ponsor's cancer has "taken a dangerous turn and he will likely be dealing with some very expensive medical costs." The fundraising is $50,000 and donations can be made via the GoFundMe page. At press time, nearly $7,500 had been raised by 90 people in 10 hours.

The colorist last detailed his cancer treatment on Feb. 18 on his blog, keeping his spirits up with some humor, as he indicated that he will indeed be needing surgery to remove a brain tumor. This surgery will require a metal plate to then be inserted into his head afterwards. "Guess who's got two thumbs, one kidney and is getting a plate in their head," he said, referring to his past and current treatment.

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Over the years, Ponsor has become one of Marvel's most acclaimed and prolific colorists, including frequently collaborations on various books with Brian Michael Bendis at the publisher. Some of his credits include Defenders, Invincible Iron Man, Guardians of the GalaxyCaptain America, Star Wars, as well as plenty of Spider-ManX-Men and Avengers comics.

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