Justin Lin Developing Bruce Lee-Inspired Crime Drama For Cinemax

"Fast and the Furious" director Justin Lin has partnered with Cinemax to develop a crime drama inspired by an unproduced project created by the late martial-arts legend Bruce Lee.

Called "Warrior," Deadline reports the pilot will be directed by Lin and written by "Banshee" co-creator Jonathan Tropper. It's described as "a visceral crime drama that traces the path of a gifted but morally corrupt fighter thrown into crisis after a lifelong quest for vengeance is undermined."

Considering the title, the inspiration may be "The Warrior," a television project pitched by Lee in 1971 to Warner Bros. and Paramount Television, but ultimately rejected by both. The actor's wife Linda Caldwell Lee claimed after his death that Warner Bros. retooled his idea for the popular martial-arts Western "Kung Fu," but the studio insisted it already had a similar concept in the works.

The Cinemax project is the first to come from the TV division of Perfect Storm Entertainment, Lin's joint venture with Bruno Wu’s Seven Stars Studios. The company struck a deal in 2013 with Lee's daughter Shannon Lee to develop his material for television. She discovered Lee's "Warrior" writings among a collection of handwritten notes.

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