Gabby Rivera Shares Justice Sotomayor's Fan Letter for Marvel's America

The America Chavez comic may be ending soon, but it wasn't without its die-hard fans. Apparently, one such fan was pretty high-profile. It turns out Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a lover of inter-dimensional butt-kickers, and the work of Gabby Rivera.

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Rivera shared a screenshot of a letter she received on very official stationary. Justice Sotomayor took time out of her day to write Rivera a letter. Evidently, one of her law clerks gave her a copy of America as a gift, and she found the whole thing pretty amazing. "You have created a powerful female character in the production of America," the Supreme Court Justice wrote, "and I know you will forever inspire many individuals by continuing to invent America Chavez's story." Inspiring words from a woman who's other work includes the dissenting opinion on the critical 2002 case of Pappas v. Giuliani.

Fans of the America series will know exactly why Sotomayor was drawn to it. In the story, America Chavez becomes a college student at Sotomayor University, an extra-dimensional campus located in a protected pocket dimension outside of Earth-616, the main Marvel Universe. The comic is pretty out there, but the staff at Sotomayor U try to do the Supreme Court Justice proud.

America Chavez has earned her share of high profile fans. Brooklyn Nine Nine star Stephanie Beatriz‏ even dressed up as her for Halloween once. Beatriz has continued to campaign to play the role in a live action adaptation. Still, even Beatriz would happily admit that a Justice of the highest court in the land is one of the coolest fans a comic book could have.

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The character of America Chavez was created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta, and gained popularity following the Young Avengers run by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. Her solo series is written by Gabby Rivera and drawn Joe Quinones.

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