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Justice Society of America #54

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Justice Society of America #54

Marc Guggenheim’s story seems a little bit rushed in this issue, and I suppose it just might be. After all, there’s a reboot coming, don’t you know? That reboot, unfortunately, doesn’t appear to include the JSA, which is a damn shame.

There’s no doubt this is the final issue of the series, but it is obvious that Guggenheim wanted some more time from the open-ended finale he leaves on the last page of this book. Guggenheim invested a great deal in these characters, and I was just starting to tack my investment (of time and money) onto his for the long haul. Of course, the long haul was a brisk twenty pages that wrapped up a little too much a whole lot too quickly. There are a lot of characters that need to be seen off as they ride into the sunset, so it naturally feels a bit hollow as certain characters get just a little more face time.

All the same, this issue gives a bunch of nice vignettes for the JSAers. Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Doctors Fate and Mid-Nite, Wildcat, and Mr. Terrific all have character-specific moments of grandeur. Their shining moments come against a foe that is slightly deeper than a cardboard cutout, but sometimes the villain needs to take a backseat to allow the stars of the title to shine brighter.

At least DC had the common decency to let Jerry Ordway handle the art chores for the “final” chapter in the JSA’s story. Ordway, through his work on “Infinity, Inc.” and “All-Star Squadron,” as well as his inks in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” has become the perennial JSA artist for me. This may not be Ordway’s greatest work, but he delivers consistent work throughout this issue.

There is no mistaking that this is the final chapter of the Justice Society of America. This being a comic and all, Guggenheim does a good job of making this book a standard-issue comic series end. I almost expect to see more JSA adventures soon. I’m sure it won’t be soon enough though.