Justice League Unlimited: The toyline that refuses to die

Even though the Justice League Unlimited cartoon wrapped up a few years ago, the action figure line from Mattel is still trucking along. Although the toys are a Target exclusive here in the United States, they still seem to have enough interest that Mattel is planning to continue the line into 2010, according to a post on Facebook:

And as stated above, JLU will still be at Target stores in 2010. We have some great singles, 3 packs and 6 packs in store including many more fan demanded character, a return to Apokolips and a few out of the blue surprises we think JLU fans are going to love!

Mattel remains very committed to this line. As long as their are fans looking to purchase more JLU figures, we will do all we can to keep them coming. Considering Grodd was slated to be the very last figure, both the fans and dedicated members of the Mattel brand team have fought tooth and nail to keep the line going with a collector focus. We do read the message boards and hear fans requests. While we may not have gotten to every request, if you look back at the last 16 months, look at how many impossible or fan demanded characters we have been able to get to: The Question, Captain Atom, Cheetah, Batman Beyond, Mr. Terrific, Supergirl, Shazam... the list really does go on and on!

But there is some bad news ... the JLU four-packs that Mattel has been selling on their MattyCollector.com site -- which have included the Legion of Super Heroes and Doom Patrol, among others -- will be discontinued:

You see, for the 4 packs to work, we needed to sell a minimum amount of each pack to what we call the "die hard completionist" collector. Obviously some packs will sell better to others be it fans who only buy "in show" characters, or fans of a certain group like LOSH or Bat-villains. This factor might give each pack an added boost. But in order for the sku to work in the long run, we needed a certain baseline of fans who were interested in any JLU 4 pack offered regardless of theme. (This is similar to how the MOTUC line works BTW). While we offered a large variety of themed packs in 2009, we just did not hit the needed baseline to keep them going. (and we did have some more great ones planned!)

That's too bad, as the Shazam and Doom Patrol four-packs were a lot of fun. But honestly, I didn't expect the line to still be in existence at this point, so I'll take what I can get.

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