Canceled Justice League Mortal Game Would've Drawn From DCAU

As legend has it, in 2009, Mad Max director George Miller was developing his own live-action Justice League movie -- to be titled Justice League Mortal -- at Warner Bros. It turns out, that movie would've had its own tie-in game, which would be inspired by the Justice League Unlimited animated series in tone, and written by the series' producer, Dwayne McDuffie.

This latest revelation was unearthed by Liam Robertson of Did You Know Gaming, who broke down the history of the game that could have been in an interesting video.

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The game would see the Justice League -- comprised of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash -- united against several supervillains. By the end of the game, they learn that all their fights were orchestrated by the cosmic villain Mongul, and thus battle the antagonist across a version of War World being pulled into the Phantom Zone.

Get all the details in the video below.

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