Which Justice League Trailer Scenes Don't Appear in the Movie?

Justice League trailer Bruce Wayne Superman hologram

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers about Warner Bros.' Justice League, in theaters now.

Months before Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice arrived in theaters, Warner Bros. unveiled an ambitious slate of films in what became widely known as the DC Extended Universe, expanding with the release of Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and, now, Justice League. It must have then come as a surprise to the studio when Batman v Superman received a lukewarm reception (at best), resulting in tonal shifts in subsequent films.

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Reports surfaced that Justice League underwent significant changes during production, with Joss Whedon brought on board to write new scenes before going on to oversee extensive reshoots after director Zack Snyder stepped aside in the wake of his daughter's death. Then, it was revealed that the movie, which everyone expected to at least be as long as Batman v. Superman's two and a half hours, would be no longer than 120 minutes.

Considering that the first look at Justice League debuted in summer 2016, and subsequent trailers were released throughout the shifting behind-the-scenes decisions, it shouldn't come as a surprise that many scenes used to market the film made it into the theatrical cut. Here, we run down the biggest moments from the trailers that never made it into theaters.

Bruce and Diana Talk About the Recruits

Justice League trailer Bruce and Diana talk about the team

Justice League's first trailer was released in July 2016, during Comic-Con International in San Diego. While it was short on actual completed footage, a big part of it focused on Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Diana Prince (Gal Gado) talking about their recruits. The scene seemed to take place after Bruce's failed attempt at convincing Arthur Curry to join their cause.

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This seemed to hint at a longer film, one that started with Bruce and Diana on their own, a united front that sought to add more members to their ranks.

A Lot More Cyborg

Justice League trailer Victor Stone football

Across all four trailers, we saw there was a lot more to Cyborg's story than ended up in the final cut. Various shots showed us Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) before the accident that led to him becoming Cyborg, like one of him walking in his Gotham University jacket, and another of him playing football. These scenes surely would have helped in showing what Victor lost when he became part machine.

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That wasn't all we missed of Cyborg, however. One trailer scene saw him intercept a flaming tank headed straight toward a policeman, in what looks to be the sequence in which the Justice League tries to contain a newly resurrected Superman. There was also a shot of Cyborg flying, and covering his entire face with a full metallic mask before soaring through the sky and over the clouds. Finally, in the SDCC trailer, there's an exchange in which Cyborg tells that he didn't believe the Dark Knight was real.

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