Justice League #7 Reveals Exactly What the Totality Is

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Justice League #7 by Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, Walden Wong and Tomeu Morey, on sale now.

One of the biggest mysteries of DC's recently relaunched Justice League is what, exactly, is the energy source known as the Totality. Debuting in Issue #1, it ripped its way through space and time, but readers haven't been treated to much insight, other than Lex Luthor's desire to claim it because of the potential he claims it has to reshape the multiverse.

The mystery is finally solved (partially) in Issue #7, as the heroes take the Totality into their possession and are able to begin preliminary studies. With the Flash and Hawkgirl getting first-hand peeks behind the curtain after exposure to the Totality's energy, we -- and the League -- learn that the Totality is a battery for Creation, justifying Lex's rants as it does enable the person who unlocks its secrets the true powers of a god.

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After, Hawkgirl defeats the obsessed Lex, she's able to hold and absorb the Totality's essence. However, it's tough for the inexperienced Leaguer to fully process what's happening, and most of the analysis ends up taking place back at the Hall of Justice, where it's stored for protection.

Martian Manhunter, while relieved they have it in storage, still sees the item as something ominous because of the power it holds. Having it escaped through the breach in the Source Wall at the end of Dark Nights: Metal, it's now been confirmed as the oldest power source in existence, used to sculpt reality as we know it. J'onn J'onzz calls it a power core; it literally powered up Creation as the universe's primary battery. Given its ability to make or break reality, it's no surprise Lex wants it to instead reshape things as he sees fit.

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With the multiverse dying, the League has a few interesting problems on its hand, and a possible solution, now that it knows what the Totality is capable of. As the breach is still to be sealed, and seeing as the Totality was once part of the Source Wall, could it be used to heal the border around the DC Universe? J'onn indicates that its their best chance at "saving our realm," but if this fails, there's potential for friction between the League should it be decided that the last resort would be an attempt to use it to remake reality.

J'onn admits the Totality contains the designs on how the multiverse was built and by whom, so bet your bottom dollar they'll be probing it for such solutions, albeit with good intentions. Whether what they find is something more sinister than they bargained for, or if the power available to them corrupts, well, that remains to be seen.

It's worth noting that in DC lore, when the hand of Creation was building the universe, the famous Green Lantern villain Krona tried to spy on things. This slight interference was enough to disturb the process, and allowed the multiverse to come into existence. The question now is whether the Totality ties into this particular incident.

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With so many other crises and attempts to reshape reality playing out over the decades, the Totality may have even had an unspoken hand in those. Especially after this latest issue showed its role in creating Vandal Savage, where we clearly see that by traveling through the entire DCU timeline, the Totality has left ripple effects still to be revealed. As it currently stands, the Totality appears to be in safe hands, but with a multiverse to save and many dark secrets held within, who knows how this cosmic entity will eventually be utilized, by heroes and villains alike.

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