Justice League, The Dark Knight, Astro Boy: June 17th Comic Reel


No news is ... well, not good news, right? Musician-turned-actor Common spoke to IGN, discussing what he knows about the team-up project.

However, Variety is reporting that if director George Miller remains with the film, he may be forced to renegotiate his deal.

Speaking of Miller, he spoke briefly about the project to The 7:30 Report. "I don't think many of us realise quite how far our film industry has fallen away. We've been eclipsed by so many other industries, particularly the New Zealanders, many of the Asian industries, and certainly most of the Europeans ... It was suggested that I was somehow the stooge of the American studio, that I didn't have enough creative control."


Hh, that's unusual. If you click to the Gotham City Pizzaria website, and hold your cursor over the letters "ha" ... something strange happens ... clicking through leads to even more strangeness.

The Gotham Times has been updated with version three of the newspaper.

Also, in case you missed it, the campaign for Gotham City District Attorney has apparently been won by Harvey Dent while the websites of his opponents have been updated as well.

Fans can also submit images of their Batman sightings to Gotham Cable News.

Finally, Comic Book Movie has reports of new filming in the Windy City ... what are they doing there?


Reuters has the official announcement about the voice cast, which includes Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy and Eugene Levy. A 2009 release is planned.


CBR News has the word on the passing of a legend.


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