Justice League, Teen Titans, Dragonball Z: June 25th Comic Reel Wrap


Fans of the Cartoon Network series will be able to enjoy the show a little earlier. According to Comics Continuum, the network has pushed the season premiere "Initiation" forward to Saturday, July 31st at 8:30 ET. The "Starcrossed" movie will repeat the week prior.

July 31st will also see the return of new episodes of the manga-influenced "Teen Titans" cartoon, with an episode called "Betrayal" first up at bat.


If you'd like to get a piece of cinematic history, Rainmakers is there to help, auctioning off props and wardrobes from the Sam Raimi-helmed sequel.


According to Variety, Ben Ramsey ("The Big Hit") has been brought on board to adapt the manga property for the big screen. Ramsey also recently wrote a "Luke Cage" script for Marvel and one for Static Shock for Columbia-based producer Neal Moritz.


Would you like to see a deleted scene from the episode "Fever?" Well, it's been posted at the official onliine Smallville yearbook, and under "events we'll never forget" you can check out the scene, as well as commentary.


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