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Justice League Reveals the Truth of Superman & Wonder Woman’s Son

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Justice League Reveals the Truth of Superman & Wonder Woman’s Son

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Justice League #27, by Bryan Hitch and Fernando Pasarin, on sale now.

The current story-arc in Justice League has brought together the current incarnation of the team with a Justice League of the future, this one comprised of their children. The future Leaguers have traveled back in time to find their parents and get their help with an evil overlord that has taken over their Earth, but first there’s a lot of explaining that needs doing and most of the team has to get their heads around the fact that they’re going to have kids — in some cases, with other members of their team!

Young Justice

The biggest question mark of the future Justice League was Hunter Prince, the leader of the group who wears Wonder Woman’s sigil and tiara (as an armband), but also Superman’s cape. The easy speculation was that he was the son of both Diana and Clark, but this issue reveals an even more heartbreaking origin for him. After he was born, to Wonder Woman, the Amazonian princess supposedly abandoned him because he wasn’t female, and as such was not an Amazon. It fell to Clark and Lois to raise Hunter as their own, and as a brother to Jon, their biological son. In this issue, we not only see Hunter’s barely-contained resentment towards his mother, but Wonder Woman’s shock that she would do such a thing to a child.


The Flash and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz get a big shock when they find out half of the team is comprised of their children, together. Bryan Hitch has been teasing a Flash/Green Lantern romance since the start of his Justice League run, but events in Barry Allen’s own book have prevented any real forward momentum on that front. Here, we find out that in this possible future Barry and Jessica have three kids. Nora Allen AKA Cruise is a speedster like her father, while Jenny and Jason inherited power over the entire emotional spectrum, though they sometimes struggle to control it when they feel heightened emotions themselves.

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Of all the Justice League members, Jessica probably takes the news the best. Barry wonders what it means for his future with Iris — especially in light of having recently seen a possible future where he and Iris sire Don and Dawn Allen, The Tornado Twins — but Jessica embraces her possible future children with an adorable awkwardness after hearing their story and the fate of their world. Cyborg is similarly embracing of his future son Cube, and marvels at his offspring’s integrated Mother Box biology (Cube’s mother is a Mother Box, it appears), while Mera admires her daughter Serenity’s toughness and forthrightness.


Unfortunately, not everyone’s future turns out for the best; after all the team does come from a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Hunter mentions in passing that he was raised alongside Jon and eventually joined the Super Sons, but hints that something happened to both Jon and Damian Wayne before stopping himself. When Simon Baz notices he’s the only one that doesn’t have a kid among the group, Jason breaks the news to him that in their, future Simon killed Sinestro — and took over the Yellow Lantern Corps.

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