Justice League, Spider-Man 3, Smallville, Masters of the Universe: January 4th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Comics Continuum, "plans are for the show to return in late spring/summer. No definitive dates have been scheduled. According to Continuum sources, the show's future also remains undecided."


Make way for MJ -- People magazine has a new photo of a crimson-coiffed Kirsten Dunst, getting ready for another go-round as Peter Parker's objet d'amour.


Kryptonsite has a promotional image for the upcoming 100th episode, as well as some notes from a Michael Rosenbaum interview in TV Guide this week.

Meanwhile, the gals at the Devoted Network are back to work, dropping three new stills from that self-same 100th episode (all Lana-centric) and a new trailer shown during a rerun of "Hidden."


Speaking of, "Smallville" actor John Glover is in a rumor from Contact Music alleging that he'll go from being Lex Luthor's dad to taking on the role of Skeletor. Kryptonsite's news page has a different opinion: "This 'tip' originally came from an Internet Movie Database listing. IMDb listings are often submitted by fans and can VERY FREQUENTLY be wrong. In the case of this news item, don't believe it until trade papers or John Glover himself confirm it. Until then ... take it with a serious grain of salt." 'Nuff said.


Speaking of casting rumors, Batman-On-FIlm has a new rumor positing that actor Josh Lucas is in the running to be DA Harvey Dent for the next Christopher Nolan-led DC adaptation.


Comics Continuum has another screen capture showing actor Kirk Jones in character as the Daywalker.


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