Justice League Has Unleashed Seven Mysterious New Forces On the DC Universe

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Justice League #2 by Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

The climactic moments of Dark Nights: Metal saw the destruction of the Source Wall and a rush of new energies, concepts and forces pour in from whatever lies on the other side. Justice League: No Justice explored the ramifications of that in a very physical way with the arrival of the Omega Titans, but now the “New Justice” line of books gets to explore the more metaphysical aspects of the new rules of the universe.

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According to Lex Luthor, there are seven hidden forces now free in the DC Universe, and he’s brought the Legion of Doom together to harness them for their own ends. We’ve already seen two of them, but there’s five more to go and they promise to change everything we know about how the DC Universe operates.

Hidden Power

Justice League #2 introduces two of these seven hidden forces, with the most tangible being the Invisible Emotional Spectrum which manifests as the Ultraviolet Lantern Corps. According to Sinestro, it’s something he was searching for following his ousting from the Green Lantern Corps and now, thanks to the destruction of the Source Wall, he’s found a way to not only access it, but harness it. Conscripting the Green Lantern Corps’ leader John Stewart to be the first member of the Ultraviolet Corps, it seems that in some way it unlocks the darkest aspects of a person’s personality, turning them selfish, cruel and violent, as it makes him attack his fellow Justice Leaguers in his first appearance as an Ultraviolet Lantern.

The second of the seven hidden forces is a bit more metaphysical but it’s something that’s been theorised about for a while, the Still Force. Everyone knows about the Speed Force which gives the Flash family of characters their superpowers, but now it seems there’s an opposing force dedicated not just to slowness, but to absolute stillness. According to Barry Allen, it’s something the D-List villain The Turtle has been after for some time and now it’s in the hands of Gorilla Grodd.

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When the DC Universe was relaunched as part of The New 52, Gorilla City was established as a community which worshipped the Speed Force religiously and Gorilla Grodd was reinterpreted as being the self-declared rightful wielder of the Speed Force, who saw Barry Allen as a usurper. Unable to steal the Speed Force in the recent “Perfect Storm” storyarc in The Flash, Grodd has since joined up with Luthor who has given him the power of the Still Force in the form of a baby, whom Grodd recognises.

Given the green of the baby’s sheet and Luthor’s coy remark that “He’s just been changed” it’s possible that this baby is classic Flash foe The Turtle, regressed to the form of a baby by the Still Force, giving us just a hint of its immense power.

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