Is Justice League 2 Actually Happening?

It's a confusing time for fans of the DC Extended Universe - Ben Affleck can't decide whether he wants to be Batman or notJustice League can barely make a profit, and the movie slate changes (what seems like) every week. Warner Bros. isn't having the best of times building out its universe based on DC Comics' characters, and that's seemingly putting the future of the Justice League sequel in doubt.

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At one point in time, Warner Bros. planned to release a two-part Justice League epic, comprising two films that'd be unleashed within a few years of each other. The plan was to have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and The Flash face off against Steppenwolf in the first, and then Darkseid in the second part, in an attempt to save the planet. This was instead changed to one movie, with Steppenwolf acting as the main antagonist and Darkseid getting nothing but a namedrop. The decision to remove Darkseid from Justice League happened during production it seems, as Kevin Smith described a scene he saw that involved the supervillain and the Man of Steel.

With Justice League dropping its second part, Warner Bros. has never officially announced that a sequel is on the way. J. K. Simmons, who plays Commissioner Gordon, revealed in October that a script was being written, but that doesn't necessarily mean the studio will go ahead with it - the first Justice League is struggling to even claw back the money that was spent making it. The latest report on the box office performance suggests it'll end at around $675 million, which is much lower than anticipated. Not only that, the latest official movie slate released by Warner Bros. didn't include several movies that are still in development. Justice League 2, of course, wasn't present.

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Despite all of these signs, it's likely that a sequel to Justice League will happen. Moviegoers have now been introduced to the League so a sequel could solely focus on the team working together instead of origins, and the studio has invested too much money to back out now. If done correctly, the Justice League series should be the DCEU's cash cow, much like Marvel Studios' Avengers. That's why there's a good chance the studio will have another stab at getting DC Comics' most popular superhero team right. Additionally, the promise of the Legion of Doom being formed in the post-credits scene of Justice League seemed to get fans excited for what's to come for the DCEU, so Warner Bros. should make good on that.

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So, as mentioned above, a script for the Justice League sequel was being written as of October this year but apart from that, details are slim on what could happen in the follow-up movie. We've rounded up everything that's known about the movie so far!

New Heroes

At the end of Justice League it appears that Bruce Wayne is creating the Hall of Justice, and it's said that they'll have more than six seats at the table. This is an obvious reference to Batman and co. adding more members to the team's roster, but who else could join? Well, it's worth looking at the latest movie slate for heroes that are being introduced post-Justice League.

Shazam! is the next superhero to be introduced on the big screen, and Zachary Levi has already been cast in the title role. The actor has expressed his wishes to join the team if his solo movie is a success, so fans should keep an eye on his inclusion to any future ensemble pieces. Green Lantern Corps was the other movie on the slate that focused on heroes that could join the league in years to come - we already saw a Green Lantern fighting alongside Amazons, Atlanteans, and humans when Steppenwolf first invaded Earth. Expect Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart to show their faces!

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