The Justice League's Latest Recruit May Be Its Most Powerful Yet

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League #27, by James Tynion IV, Javier Fernandez, Bruno Redondo, Hi-Fi and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

With Perpetua looking to reshape the DC Multiverse, the members of the Justice League have become desperate in their attempts to preserve reality. They've recruited her son, the World Forger, and are now trying to find her two other children in an attempt to stop her, just as the offspring did in DC's first crisis.

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As Lex Luthor, aka the Apex Predator, begins to make his own moves as Perpetua's harbinger, the League succeeds halfway in its mission, recruiting what may well be its most powerful member ever.

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The Justice League arrives on Nil, a wasteland of a planet where the Forger seeks Mar Novu, the Monitor. He needs his powers of creation if they're to fight back against Perpetua, who can reset the Multiverse at will. Shockingly, when the League finds the Monitor, he's broken and at an all-time low.

Forger lectures him on how he failed to create his own replacement Multiverse in the Sixth Dimension and knows the brothers are the key to salvation. However, Mar Novu simply doesn't share his brother's belief. Forger eggs him on when it comes to being inspired by the League's unflinching hope, a notion seconded by Superman. Coincidentally, the Monitor has clashed, and even allied, with these heroes already, so he knows their strengths, but he can't help but be pessimistic about fighting his mother. Sure, they sealed her away last time, but it was a close call, and he thinks they need the Judges from the Source to aid their cause. But with no help coming, he admits he has no choice but to enlist in this new alliance, granting the League someone who's been at the core of so many major DC events, redefining existence as it is.

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What's interesting is the Monitor is revealed to be whole again. When Infinite Crisis resulted in 52 Earths, with Monitors being seeded out to watch over them, characters like Nix Uotan made their presence felt. But now Forger confesses that all of those Monitors are becoming one again, thus Mar Novu is at his strongest, as the original essence of the Monitor is re-forming. Another intriguing point is when Mar Novu expresses fear when it comes to his mom, most of this self-doubt actually stems from Crisis on Infinite Earths.

There, his brother, the Anti-Monitor tried to end reality, and it resulted in the deaths of characters like Supergirl and the Flash (Barry Allen). He even drops the bombshell on Barry, who in DC Rebirth doesn't remember all this. In fact, Barry mentions there are echoes of this death, but he chalked it up to a fleeting thought or his imagination. This means all the DC crises are pouring back into the Monitor and he's remembering everything. Thus, he's gaining all the knowledge, all the strengths and weaknesses of everything that transpired before, and combined, this allows him to educate the Forger and League on what needs to be done.

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Of course, he was weakened as he reconstituted himself in Dark Nights: Metal as Barbatos held him prisoner, but now that he's free, the Monitor is slowly becoming the omnipotent being we all know he could be again. But despite absorbing all these essential elements, he still knows they need the final piece to this trifecta: the Anti-Monitor. This lost brother helped them seal Perpetua away the last time and now, they've got to journey to Qward to recruit him, but as someone who's been an enemy of the League and tried to rewrite reality, the heroes may not be as trusting when it comes to this particular piece of the puzzle.

Justice League #28 goes on sale July 17.

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