Justice League, Punisher 2, Speed Racer: August 29th Comic Reel Wrap


The IESB has a fresh rumor about "Matrix" actor Laurence Fishburne getting green as the Martian Manhunter in the movie version, alongside Tom Welling as Superman and Ryan Reynolds as the Flash. Again, this is a rumor.


The new Lexi Alexander-helmed sequel has a title, according to Superhero Hype -- "Punisher: War Zone." Discuss amongst yourselves.


Actress Susan Sarandon took another chance to get chatty, this time with MTV, giving some fan-favored tidbits. "Pressed for details, Sarandon revealed that the Wachowski Brothers have purchased the rights to the sound effects used in the cartoon, and confirmed that they will be using the trademark theme song."


Actor Morgan Freeman mentions a tidbit about returning to Gotham alongside a lot about dealing with Mark Millar's mean masterpiece in an interview at Superhero Hype. "My character is not easily defined even by me who is a master of character definition," Freeman said. "I play a guy who ostensibly heads up a fraternity of brotherhood of assassins. It's like a guild of assassins. By guild we mean that it's old. It's been around for a long time. And they have peculiar abilities. In other words, one guy shoots a rifle from five miles away and hits his target. There's no straight line in five miles. Is that informative?"


Completely coincidentally, CBR's own Rich Johnston had a huge honkin' spoiler in this week's edition of his Lying In The Gutters column.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! Movies has posted the trailer in high definition QuickTime and Flash formats, while Chicago's Fox affiliate is practically live blogging their way up to a huge stunt explosion planned for the production.


Mike Mignola was interviewed by Wizard Magazine about finishing up filming on the sequel. "The film really looks two or three times bigger than the first picture," Mignola said, "and since he doesn't have two or three times as much money, I have no idea how he's doing it. They've been shooting for a couple of months now, and they're going until December, so they're about one-third through. But I saw a lot of footage, because he edits as he goes, so I saw some kind of put-together footage. And the fact that the stuff looks as amazing as it does without all the creature effects and the CG stuff added, it's really quite amazing."


MTV also caught up with screenwriter John August, who's already turned in his first draft. "If Captain Marvel didn't pre-exist and there was just an idea of a 13-year-old boy who can speak a magic word and turn into a superhero -- that's a great idea," August said. "If it hadn't been around for 50 years and someone just wrote it as a spec script, that would sell cause it's a really good idea."


All the info on when and how the new seasons will happen are available here at CBR.


Kryptonsite has a small spoiler about a savage selection for actor Dean Cain's look when he makes a guest appearance.


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