Justice League: A God Has Fallen to the Legion of Doom

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League #33 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Bruno Redondo, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, Hi-Fi and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

Through intimidation, coercion and guile, the Legion of Doom has recruited many powerful figures from across the DC Universe to help them in their mission to destroy the Justice League as they pursue them through time and space.

The latest chapter of the "Justice/Doom War" sees the villains of the DCU imprison and coerce a god into helping them, as a faction of the Legion travels back to 1941 to stop the League from finding an artifact to return to their own time and defeat the Legion's omnipotent benefactor Perpetua.

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After participating in the Battle of Pearl Harbor, Barry Allen and John Stewart continue their team-up with the reintroduced Justice Society of America and recently freed Aquaman. Arthur leads the assembled heroes into the ocean's depths to Atlantis in order to recover the Conch of Arion, an ancient Atlantean relic in an abandoned temple that would allow himself, Barry, and John to rejoin the portion of the League battling Perpetua and Apex Lex, the resurrected, upgraded Lex Luthor. However, once there, they find themselves ambushed by the Legion and their divine prisoner, Poseidon.

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The Olympian God of the Sea is being held captive by Sinestro, Cheetah and Gorilla Grodd. Sinestro is able to restrain the deity with chains generated by his newfound access to the ultraviolet light spectrum, which makes him considerably more powerful than when wielding his former Anti-Matter Universe Power Ring. Similarly, Grodd has been upgraded by Apex Lex and is able to his stronger telepathic abilities to force Poseidon into bringing the Atlantean temple down in ruins around the assembled heroes as a second villainous team makes it own introduction.

The immortal antagonist Vandal Savage arrives on the scene, leading a crew of steampunk-inspired deep sea explorers he refers to as his Legionnaires. Whether or not Vandal is working alongside the Legion, against them or simply as his own self from 1941 is still unclear, but the Justice League and Justice Society have found themselves caught directly in between the two evil factions as they attempt to recover the Conch and return home to defeat Perpetua. And with Poseidon now captive of the Legion of Doom, Aquaman will likely move to rescue the Greek patron deity of the seas.

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Given recent events surrounding Aquaman, including his presumed death and apparent own resurrection, it is still not completely clear if the undersea hero fights for the Justice League or is secretly aiding Perpetua in her plans to destroy the existing Omni-Verse and reshape it under will. Despite the circumstances surrounding Aquaman's true allegiance, Arthur appears legitimately surprised that the Legion has captured and coerced Poseidon into helping them, shocked that they could force a literal god to do their villainous bidding.

And with Vandal Savage leading his own team, the heroes in 1941 are about to find themselves in the middle of an undersea battle royale to recover the Conch of Arion as two factions of heroes face off against two factions of villains for the fate of the DC Universe decades before its greatest icons are even born. However, with Poseidon under the Legion's telepathic thrall, the time-displaced villains have given themselves a divine edge as they confront both the Justice League and Justice Society as part of their ongoing plot.

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