Justice League's Biggest Plot Holes, Explained

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League, in theaters now.

Justice League is finally out, marking the first we've seen DC's finest superheroes come together to form a legendary team. In a nutshell, it's not quite as divisive as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad, but there are still plenty of people who liked it and plenty who did not. At this point, it just comes down to whether you think the good outweighs the bad.

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It's important to note that while many people enjoyed the film, it still had its flaws. The reasons for this are numerous, but a good part of it likely came the film being severely cut due to Warner Bros. wanting a runtime of no more than two hours. Because of this, there are many scenes that feel incomplete and some plot holes that develop because of it.

Unfortunately, Justice League isn't devoid of plot holes or continuity errors. And while even the biggest ones we selected don't dampen the enjoyment of the film, they are quite bothersome.

Superman's Resurrection Makes No Sense

We all knew that Superman was going to return in this movie, leaving the only real question of, "How?" Well, as it turns out, Batman gets an idea from the power of the Mother Boxes. By harnessing their abilities, combined with the liquid from the Kryptonian ship Lex Luthor used in Dawn of Justice, the League is able to dunk the Man of Steel into the resulting recipe and instantly revive him.

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The problem presented with this is in terms of continuity. When Superman died at the end of Batman V Superman, he had a big funeral, and that was the end of that. After his coffin was placed in the ground, we get a brief shot of dirt rising off of it, suggesting that he's not really dead, but in a coma, similar to the way the comics handled it. However, Justice League doesn't waste any time to tell the audience that Superman really, really is dead for good. He shouldn't have been emitting any sort of power at all because of this. Because of this shift, the brief scene in the aforementioned BvS is just the director blatantly telling the audience, "Hey, he's going to come back eventually!" storytelling be damned.

Aquaman Joins the Brawl... Somehow

As Bruce Wayne is putting the Justice League together, he travels to the far North to look for the man named Arthur Curry. After finding the gruff (and somewhat drunken) hero, he tries to get him to join the team. Unfortunately, Aquaman declines Bruce's offer and chooses to stay where he can help random people and have easy access to Atlantis.


While the League is in the midst of its first battle with Steppenwolf, the Mother Box from Atlantis is stolen by the villain. Aquaman gets a pep talk from Mera, and thus decides to join the League to battle their common threat. During the fight, though, Aquaman doesn't appear until the water from Gotham Harbor flows into the tunnel, threatening the League. With his trusty quindent (not trident), he temporarily parts the water in an awesome scene... that doesn't make any sense. Batman stated several times that he had no way of contacting Aquaman, so there's no way the Prince of Atlantis would've been debriefed as to where Steppenwolf was. He apparently instinctively knew exactly where the fight was taking place, and at what time, when he shouldn't have had any prior knowledge of it.

We get that it makes for a cool shot, but it's a narratively inconsistent one at best, and jarringly bad storytelling at worst.

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