Justice League: Perpetua Shows Her True Colors

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League #36 by Scott Snyder, Francis Manapul, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

Ever since her arrival, Perpetua has been a shadowy, omnipotent benefactor for the Legion of Doom, empowering the extensive cast of supervillains within the DC Universe by giving them significant upgrades to their abilities in exchange for their allegiance as she aims to reshape the entire DC Multiverse in his twisted image, assuming they would continue to serve Perpetua after she made good on her promise to defeat the superheroes and conquer all of reality. As Perpetua's victory appears within her grasp, the most prominent members of the Legion discover this promise will be kept -- quite literally.

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As the Justice League and Legion had battled across space and time, Brainiac had merged with the incarnation of himself from the alternate future of DC One Million, with the fused, upgraded being now referring to itself as Brainiac One Million. As the merged Brainiac contemplates the vastly augmented data the composite villain now possesses, Perpetua takes complete control of him, forcibly transforming him into a massive throne for herself as Lex Luthor, Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd and Sinestro look on in horror. However, not only does the Legion realize their upgrades come at a steep price, but that Perpetua's betrayal is far from done.

Provided by a resurrected and enhanced Lex Luthor who began referring to himself as Apex Lex following his revival by Perpetua, the various upgrades that the villains of the DC Universe acquired were fueled by dark energy. The most trusted of Lex's associates within the Legion were Sinestro, Grodd and Cheetah; this proximity quickly proves to be each of their undoing as Perpetua uses Brainiac's technology within her newly created throne to produce tentacles and ensnare the three villains. As Lex watches, shocked by the continued double-cross, his three associates are placed into stasis at the foot of the throne, Perpetua noting she can already feel the energy provided by their augmented life-force as it flows into the throne directly.

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Much of Perpetua's abilities and the Legion's upgrades were fueled by pieces of the Totality, fragments of the Source Wall in which Perpetua had been imprisoned for eons. Justice League: No Justice, the miniseries that served as a prologue of sorts to writer Scott Snyder's run on the main Justice League series, had the heroes and villains of the DCU examine the shattered Source Wall, broken during the events of the Snyder-penned comic book crossover Dark Nights: Metal. Free once again, Perpetua had her minions acquire pieces of the Totality but needed additional energy to continue her destructive plot.

As is the case in many villain team-ups, nefarious alliances are often undone by the backstabbing, untrustworthy nature of its members. With the initial attack on her successfully thwarted by converting her rebellious son the Anti-Monitor back to his usual, villainous ways while killing Starman, who had personally led the attack due to his connection to the Totality, Perpetua has the Justice League on the ropes. As the heroes and villains of the DC Multiverse assemble for one final, climactic showdown back on Earth, Perpetua has finally showed her propensity for treachery.

However, with the League unveiling a few tricks of its own and Hawkgirl -- the superhero most likely to prove Perpetua's undoing -- still on the loose, Perpetua's betrayal may be have been more than a little premature before the final battle is joined.

Justice League #37 hits shelves Dec. 4. 

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