Justice League of America's Vibe #10

In "Justice League of America's Vibe" #10, writer Sterling Gates and artist Derlis Santacruz close out the solo adventures of Cisco Ramon. The series ends with Cisco running into action, ready to combat interdimensional opponents, much as he did in the first issue of the series.

A long shot title to begin with, "Justice League of America's Vibe" was not done any favors with the creative team changes early in its run, but once onboard, Sterling Gates made a solid attempt to build a cast of characters around Cisco Ramon and family. This issue provides ample space for Gates to give readers a solid understanding of Vibe's powers and personality, but it suffers from trying to wrap up too many loose ends and floating story threads while leaving the character's status in a better place than how it was found. Many of the concepts that Gates addresses here never really had a chance to round into form as concepts let alone impact the life and times of Cisco Ramon.

In the same regard, Derlis Santacruz's art tries to do too much, but doesn't quite live up to its own expectations. Santacruz draws some great action sequences and every panel Vibe is in gives the Detroit hero a chance to shine, but the quieter moments suffer. Not every character is as well-executed as Vibe and not every panel is given equal amounts of detail. The last two pages offer up the greatest example of creative collaboration between penciler Derlis Santacruz, inker Wayne Faucher, colorist Brett Smith and letterer Taylor Esposito. The inconsistencies in the issue are left behind at the conclusion of "Justice League of America's Vibe" #10 as readers are given a soft conclusion to the trials and tribulations of A.R.G.U.S.'s interdimensional gatekeeper.

This character survived a comic book run as long as Aztek, and had a longer run than the New 52 versions of "Mister Terrific," "Static Shock," "O.M.A.C." and "Hawk & Dove," among others. Once the butt of many, many jokes about the DC Universe and the Justice League, Vibe has proven to be a fun, interesting character with potential. Unfortunately that potential wasn't cultivated enough to keep this series rolling past "Justice League of America's Vibe" #10, but the character is certain to make appearances elsewhere given his connection to the concept of a multiverse.

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