Williamson Promises to 'Create New Cosmic Toys' in DC's Justice League Odyssey


WARNING: The following interview contains spoilers for Justice League Odyssey #1, on sale now.

The Justice League is bigger than ever these days. Over the summer, DC launched Justice League and Justice League Dark as two parts of a planned three-pronged attack. The third title, Justice League Odyssey by Joshua Williamson and Stjepan Šejić, had to be pushed back a few months, but the title has finally arrived.

Following up on major plot points from Justice League: No Justice, this series is a space epic in the making. The title brings together Cyborg, Starfire, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and Azrael as they travel through space in order to explore the Ghost Sector that was formed out of the destruction of Colu. The four heroes will also be joined by Darkseid, who -- yes -- will be joining the Justice League in this mission.

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CBR spoke to Williamson about his new series, the crazy cast of characters on this team, and how the book's delay ultimately improved the final product. We will also get a better sense of how the heck the New God of Evil could actually be part of a team of heroes.

CBR: The Justice League has become bigger than ever before. How does this team fit into the overall mission statement of the JLA? The core team, Justice League Dark and Titans operate out of the Hall of Justice, but Justice League Odyssey is out in space. What is their overall purpose?

Josh Williamson: To explore the unknown and the dangerous. One of the many themes resulting from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Metal was that the Justice League needed to continue to take risks, be brave, explore and grow no matter the size of the threat.

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So, this team is formed really to go out into space to research the new Ghost Sector. It’s brought up within the series that sometimes the Justice League and other Earth based superheroes will have this big epic space adventure but then they don’t stay around to see what happens next. To see if they messed up the balance of the universe. The destruction of Colu and the creation of the Ghost Sector were all things that happened while the Justice League was in deep space. Now these are not necessarily their fault, however they can’t help but feel guilt.

BUT each member has their own reason for going that is more personal then just this mission. They were all, in some way, feeling lost in their current positions on Earth, and felt a calling to go the Ghost Sector.

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