Justice League: No Justice Was Born Out of Metal Being Too ‘DCU-Shaking’

All-Star comic book writer Scott Snyder will follow up on the universe-shaking Dark Nights: Metal with the Justice League: No Justice miniseries, but it wasn't always meant to be that way.

Snyder revealed in an exclusive interview with Newsarama that the initial plan was to use the upcoming Justice League relaunch to pick up where Metal left off. However, he realized that the finale was ultimately too "DCU-shaking" to be kept within one title, so No Justice was devised.

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As he explained the situation, "What we realized was so many books asked to be a part of it, that we said, 'Why don’t we do kind of a transitional event that allows for a whole bunch of books to spin out of it besides Justice League?'" Snyder continued that it would allow "The effects of Metal to be felt in an amplified way through this, because they’re sort of spun in new directions in the books we have already."


Written by Snyder, Joshua Williamson, James T Tynion IV and drawn by Francis Manpul, Justice League: No Justice is a four-issue weekly series that will be released in May. DC Comics has already announced what comes after No Justice, with three new Justice League titles launching in June and July.

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