Justice League: No Justice's Least Likely Characters Save the Day - Almost


The following contains spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #2 & #3, written by Scott Snyder, Josh Williamso and James Tynion IV, drawn by Francis Manapul, Riley Rossmo, and Marcus To, and colored by Hi-Fi.

One of the more puzzling things about Justice League: No Justice is that for every three or four heroes or villains it makes sense for Brainiac to recruit, there's someone whose inclusion on their particular team that's baffling. Characters like Deathstroke, Harley Quinn and Beast Boy have been boosted up to cosmic level status seemingly on a whim, bringing them to prominence because they're about to have big media projects on the horizon. Thankfully, the succeeding issues of the weekly event have made things more clear, showing that they serve an actual purpose on their respective teams.

Having arrived on Brainiac's home planet Colu and witnessing the Superman villain's head being blown apart, the assembled Justice Leagues have had to improvise their plan to save the world from the Omega Titans. After splitting off into their Brainiac-devised groupings -- Mystery, Wonder, Entropy, and Wisdom, named after four cosmic energies -- they tackle the trees scattered across the planet emitting energy signatures that coincidentally align with each team's name. Though Wonder Woman's Team Wonder has a relatively easy go of "igniting" their tree, the other teams have a more complicated road ahead of them.

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Team Wisdom, made up of Robin, Flash, Atom, Cyborg and Harley Quinn, successfully arrive at their tree only to find that the Wisdom Titan is lumbering its way over to the plant as well. Cyborg can't think of any way to outsmart Brainiac, but Harley Quinn can!

Likening Cyborg and the tree to a unicorn and tornado, she helps him think outside of his normal 1+1=2 linear logic to use his Mother Box to talk to the tree's artificial intelligence. Because Harley's thinking is so unorthodox, she ends up outsmarting the smartest mind in the universe, something that we got a tiny glimpse of in the DC Nation No Justice prelude released earlier this month.

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