The Omega Titans: Who Are Justice League: No Justice’s Cosmic Villains?

The DC Universe is a world built upon the dichotomies of life. While the Marvel Universe is governed by a pantheon of abstract concepts, like the living embodiment of eternity, infinity, and death, DC is governed by the duality of positive matter and anti-matter, a light multiverse and dark multiverse, and the emotional energies that power all of creation. Green Lantern mythology states that there are seven different energies that make up the Emotional Spectrum—rage, avarice, fear, willpower, hope, compassion and love. This is where these new cosmic gods fit perfectly into place.

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At first blush, it would seem the Emotional Spectrum and these four energies of sentient life would conflict with each other. However, they actually complement one another in subtle ways. While the Emotional Spectrum is described as a reservoirs of emotional energy created by sentient beings, these new energies are what actually go into creating the people who then feel those emotions. In a way, these fundament energies work to shape how living beings experience their lives, which then influences what emotional energy they give off and feed into.

It is clear that Scott Snyder is interested in establishing new pillars of the DC Universe, adding concepts like the Dark Multiverse and sentient life energies. Solicitations for his and James Cheung's upcoming Justice League book hint at the existence of an Ultraviolet Lantern, making it clear that adding and expanding to the DCU's lore has become something of an initiative for the publisher. It also makes it perfectly clear that in the wake of No Justice, readers can expect to see even more new concepts which will change the way we used to see the DC Universe.

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