Omega Titans Arrive on Earth in Justice League: No Justice - What Does That Mean?

Brainiac's plot seems to be continuing without a hitch, meaning the Omega Titans have already arrived to eliminate Earth once and for all. The Justice League is seemingly stranded out in space following the destruction of Colu, and the remaining heroes on Earth have been rendered comatose by Brainiac. Basically, Earth is defenseless, and not one, but three Omega Titans are hovering over the planet, ready to devour whichever form of energy is deemed to be most dominant.

Glimpsed in the DC Nation #0 issue, there will be another Justice League team to protect the Earth. If the group in space can't get there in time, will Green Arrow and the planet's substitute heroes (who haven't been officially revealed, but might have been accidentally introduced) be enough to save the day, and with only one more issue to go? Considering the results of the operation on Colu, it doesn't seem like anything can effect the force of cosmic nature that are the Omega Titans. Perhaps it will be Earth itself that proves to be the savior.

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The entire M.O. of the Omega Titans is to feed on the dominant energy of each planet. Since Colu was a world dominated by Wisdom, only the Wisdom Titan was there to consume it. Now Earth is being attacked by three entities at once, but is it possible that the heroes don't have to do anything to save the day? A world like Earth, which is not easily placed in any one category of energy, might be deemed balanced without any outside interference. After all, by the looks of things, it seems that every cosmic tree has sprouted equally. If this is the case, Brainiac's plan may have been doomed from the very start, because Earth may very well be be immune.

Justice League: No Justice concludes with next week's fourth issue, so all the answers will be given soon.

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