Justice League: No Justice Reveals that [REDACTED] is Dying

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #4 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Josh Williamson and Francis Manapul, in stores now.

When Justice League: No Justice brought DC's heroes and villains together in order to save the universe from an ancient evil, the Green Lanterns played no part in the fight. Instead, the entire Green Lantern Corps was called to the very edge of creation in order to investigate the break in the Source Wall following the events of Dark Nights: Metal. The Justice League sure could have used their help, but it isn't until No Justice #4 that we learn exactly what the Corps have been dealing with.

Apparently, the entire DC Multiverse is dying. The hole the Justice League accidentally punched through the Source Wall is leaking cosmic energy out into the void, and the Green Lanterns have no idea how to fix it. Their temporary solution has been to use the power of their rings to stem the bleeding of energy. They have been taking shifts, resting, recharging... and doing it all again. However, a more permanent solution needs to be found, otherwise no one in the Multiverse will survive.

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Though this plot line is dropped when Green Arrow calls Hal Jordan for help, the problem still exists. Now that the Omega Titans have been taken care of, focus can turn back to the trouble with the DC Multiverse. But how are they going to fix it?

The Crisis That No One is Talking About

The revelation that the DC Comics Multiverse might actually be dying seems like a bigger deal than it was made out to be in No Justice. Sure, the Omega Titans were planning to consume every world in this reality, but what about the other universes? No matter how long the destruction of the Multiverse might take, this should be a problem that absolutely every superhero is dealing with post-No Justice.

However, there is no indication from recent solicitations that this will be the case.

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Long-time fans should understand that when the Multiverse is in danger, a Crisis is upon us... yet there has been no indication that a bigger story will immediately follow this revelation. Between Dark Nights: Metal and Justice League: No Justice, DC seems to have no problem with offering Crisis-level event comics without openly titling them as such. There are rumors that suggest DC wanted Metal to be called "Dark Crisis," but Scott Snyder and Greg Capullom purportedly convinced the publisher not to do it, and since the success of that series, DC has basically given Snyder the keys to the kingdom, meaning he will only write a Crisis if he wants to.

Instead of leading to some kind of epic multiversal storyline regarding the fate of all reality, the events of No Justice have all been leading to a Justice League relaunch. The "New Justice" initiative will launch three new Justice League titles in Justice League, Justice League Dark, and Justice League Odyssey. Each book will pick up on a specific beat from the event series, but none of them have mentioned anything about a dying multiverse. So what gives?

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