We May Have Already Seen No Justice's Mysterious Fifth Justice League


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #3 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Josh Williamson, Riley Rossmo and Marcus To, in stores now.

Justice League: No Justice has been such an expansive story that it's hard to see how everything it's set up can possibly fit into four issues without leaving something out. That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to the mysterious fifth team of heroes that is supposed to protect Earth while the others are away on Colu. Over the last three issues, Amanda Waller and Green Arrow have argued over the fate of the world, but the two haven't exactly done much to assemble a group to help them do so.

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The problem is, there are no heroes left to assemble. Brainiac left the heroes of Earth in suspended animation following his attack in the first issue. As a result, the members of the Justice League, Titans, Teen Titans, and Suicide Squad that he didn't taken into space are all off the board. Now the Omega Titans are descending on Earth, so they're out of time. There is just one issue left, but nothing about this fifth team has been revealed or, really, hinted at. So who's going to be on it?

Well, it's possible that we already know -- even if we didn't know it.

Green Arrow Takes the Lead

At WonderCon, Scott Snyder mentioned that Amanda Waller and Nightwing would be working together, but either he was mistaken, misleading fans, or plans changed because Oliver Queen has been filling that role. Nightwing was even seen unconscious along with all of the other inactive heroes, so either Dick Grayson wakes out of his deep sleep and leads the revived heroes to victory all in one issue, or it's Green Arrow who will gather what is remaining of Earth's defenses.

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It's important to remember that Brainiac specifically attacked Earth's teams and rendered them comatose. Since Green Arrow isn't currently on any team, he was not affected by whatever Brainiac did to the other heroes. This should mean that other characters not on specific superhero teams are around as well. Supergirl, for instance, made an appearance in the prequel story from DC Nation #0. If the fifth team is going to show up in Justice League: No Justice #4, it should end up being a ragtag group of heroes from different corners of the DC Universe.

No matter what ends up happening, it's clear that this mystery fifth team won't play as much of a prominent role as originally believed. Nightwing is off the board, and Green Arrow believes he is the last remaining hero standing. Right now it feels like things aren't matching up directly with what was promised to us.

All That's Left is the Best of the Rest

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On May 30, Green Arrow Annual #2 by Shawna Benson, Julie Benson, and Carmen Carnero will tell a story that connects to the events of Justice League: No Justice. David Lopez's cover for the issue depicts a very specific group of people defeated on the floor in front of Oliver. with Amanda Waller looming behind him. Black Canary and Arsenal are there, along with Canary's former Justice League of America teammates the Ray, Vixen and Killer Frost. Considering Green Arrow has no real connection to these three, it feels far too specific to ignore.

This story supposedly takes place between issues 1 and 2, so it's possible that this fifth team only exists prior to the mass shutdown. Oliver mentioned in No Justice #3 that his family is in danger, as in they are in suspended animation and blowing up the seed in the Arctic Circle could kill them. It's possible that the six heroes on the cover of Green Arrow Annual #2 attempt to provide law and order. The death of Brainiac could then cause all of Earth's heroes to fall unconscious, leading Oliver to track down Amanda Waller in the Arctic alone while fulfilling the promise of a mystery fifth group of heroes.

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