The Trees (Yes, Trees) in Justice League: No Justice, Explained

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #2 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Josh Williamson and Francis Manapul, in stores now.

The Justice League is on a mission to save the universe, but to do it they'll have to defeat four incredibly powerful cosmic gods. Instead of fighting them directly, the plan is to use the four energies of sentient life against their masters.

Before his death, Brainiac divided heroes and villains into four different teams, each embodying a different energy. In order to stop the attack of the Omega Titans, they must find a way to balance these energies, but to do that, they will have to figure out how to deal with the cosmic trees.

That's right -- trees.

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You might remember Brainiac going on about cosmic trees before Task Force XI attacked his brain and blew his head up. Well, it turns out he was dead serious, and the key to saving the universe are four trees, each representing a different cosmic energy. When the Omega Titans made their wager eons ago, they spread their seeds across the universe so they could cultivate the four energies of sentient life when the time came. Those seeds apparently grew into literal trees, so each planet now has a Tree of Wisdom, Mystery, Wonder and Entropy.

How to Save the Universe

The heroes on Colu discover that a planet filled with hyper-intelligent scientists is dominated by Wisdom. There, the Tree of Wisdom has grown into a large, flowering plant comprised of pure information for the Wisdom entity to feed on. The other trees, the Tree of Mystery, Tree of Wonder, and Tree of Entropy are mostly dormant. In order to balance out the energies and stop the Omega Titans from consuming the planet, the Justice League will need to figure out how to de-power the Wisdom tree, while also increasing the power of the other three.

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In order to affect these trees, each team has to embrace the energy they represent. This means Team Entropy has to embrace chaos by initiating a jailbreak on the planet Colu. They find their tree growing around the prison known as Ultra Penitence, and in order to stimulate their energy, they create complete chaos of the situation. As you'd expect, Team Wonder's mission to restore Wonder to a planet dominated by Wisdom proves to be difficult. They find their tree growing atop an ancient temple of magic users, and plan to wake the spirits of ancient sorcerers.

Team Mystery finds their tree growing within what is referred to as the Nursery. It is a cultivated collection of entire planets locked away within Brainiac bottle technology. In order to power the Tree of Mystery, they will have to restore them all without trying to impose any kind of order on them. Team Wisdom's mission is a little different, since the planet is already dominated by their energy. Instead of stimulating Wisdom, they will have to cut it down to size. That means shutting down the planet's core data bank, essentially making Colu "dumber."

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