Justice League: No Justice Creative Team Unveils the DCU's New Cosmic Beings

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A little more than three weeks ahead of the debut of DC's Justice League: No Justice, the creators behind the weekly miniseries have unveiled sneak peeks at the cosmic threats facing each of the four teams of heroes.

The event spins out of the conclusion of Dark Knights: Metal, in which the Justice League inadvertently broke the Source Wall, unleashing four cosmic beings -- Mystery, Wonder, Wisdom and Entropy -- into the DC Universe. To sustain themselves, they must feed on planets, and Brainiac's home world, Colu, is next on the menu. To prevent its destruction, Brainiac recruits heroes and villains from across the DC Universe and divides them into four teams.

Today is the Final Order Cut-Off for JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #1... Which Team Are You? #teammystery #justiceleaguenojustice pic.twitter.com/02nxxZQqrs

— Joshua Williamson (@Williamson_Josh) April 16, 2018

Writer Joshua Williamson's tease focuses on Mystery with the Jack Kirby-esque entity facing down an all extraterrestrial team formed by Superman, the Martian Manhunter, Starfire, Starro and Sinestro.

Today is the final order cut off for JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #1... Which Team Are You? #teamwonder #justiceleaguenojustice pic.twitter.com/u8sEwp3z3Y

— James Tynion IV (@JamesTheFourth) April 16, 2018

Writer James Tynion IV offered a glimpse at Wonder, with a team comprised of the more magically inclined heroes of the DCU: Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Doctor Fate, Etrigan and Raven.

Today's the final order cut off for No Justice! Be sure to preorder with your local comic store! #dcnojustice

A post shared by Francis Manapul (@francis_manapul) on

Artist Francis Manapul posted an image of Team Wisdom, consisting of The Flash, Cyborg, Harley Quinn and Robin.

Today is the final order cut off for JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #1! Which Team Are You? #teamentropy #justiceleaguenojustice pic.twitter.com/BWXSp8twWI

— Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) April 16, 2018

Finally, writer Scott Snyder tweeted an image of Team Entropy, with Batman leading an ensemble of Lobo, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke and Beast Boy.

Written by Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson and James Tynion IV, with art by Francis Manapul and Marcus To, Justice League: No Justice debuts May 9 from DC.

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