The Significance of Justice League: No Justice #2's Cliffhanger, Explained

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #2 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Josh Williamson and Francis Manapul, in stores now.

The creative team behind Justice League: No Justice promised big moments in every issue, but after the first issue's surprising finish, it was hard to imagine how they would top the death of Brainiac. However, the second issue may have succeeded, ending on an incredibly unexpected note with the return of Brainiac's son Vril Dox, also known as Brainiac 2. This revelation may serve to simultaneously save the mission, open the DC Universe to incredible new cosmic heights, and reaffirm Brainiac's legacy.

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Team Entropy needs to power the Tree of Entropy on Colu, so they decide to initiate a jailbreak and spread chaos on the planet. Drawn to the prison by the technology in their new costumes, the team of Batman, Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, Lobo and Beast Boy realize the suits are pulling them to a specific cell.

Inside the most secure part of the prison is Vril Dox, who is possibly just as brilliant as Brainiac, but without without most of the evil inclinations that make his father a threat to the universe. Perhaps the day will be saved after all.

Brainiac 2.0 is Here to Save the Day


In exactly one page, we learn everything we need to know about Brainiac's son: He's a jerk, he's arrogant, and he's absolutely brilliant.

According to Post-Crisis continuity established in 1989's Invasion! event series, Vril Dox is a clone of Brainiac created by the villain himself in order to pass on his power and legacy to an heir. However, unlike his father, Brainiac 2 has always been more of a good guy, even if he's something of a Machiavellian cosmic hero in Pre-Flashpoint continuity. The idea of Batman being unhappy to see him may be more about his methods than seeing him as a genuine threat. He is, after all, pretty much a master manipulator.

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Though Vril has made attempts to distance himself from his father's ideals, a Brainiac is still a Brainiac, thus he has an incredible intellect and cutthroat tactical mind. This is why he tells the assembled heroes that they were doomed to fail, and that his father "may have needed your powers, but his plan required him at every step." This, in turn, sets Vril Dox up as a stand-in for Brainiac.

If Brainiac 2 is anything like he was in previous continuity, he might take this opportunity to save the universe by usurping control of the entire Justice League, and then lead them to victory over the Omega Titans. If they need the precision of his father's mind, Vril Dox is absolutely the next best thing.

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