The Brainiac Files Have Debuted - And Their Origin is Insane

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #1 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Josh Williamson and Francis Manapul, in stores now.

The Brainiac Files are coming to Detective Comics in June, when Bryan Hill and Miguel Mendonca take over the series with issue #982. We don't yet know what kind of information these files contain, but we have a few theories. But while their contents remain a mystery, the events of Justice League: No Justice #1 indicate, we may have already seen part of them, and they could be the most important source of information on Earth.

One of Superman's most dangerous enemies, Brainiac is an artificial intelligence who has devoted himself to collecting and storing incredible amounts of information from across the universe. It is this knowledge that allowed him to know about the awakening of the Omega Titans, and the direct threat they hold over all of creation. It is also knowledge Amanda Waller covets, which is why she uses Task Force XI to attack the villain just as the first issue comes to a close.

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What If The Brainiac Files Are Brainiac Himself?

In the series' opening pages, Brainiac showed up on Earth, attacked major cities around the world, and then just flew off with the Justice League. No one knows what actually happened, but Amanda Waller isn't about to let him get away either way. Sick of having everyone know more about the threats against Earth than she does, Waller takes this opportunity to launch an attack. She uses the Earth's collection of satellites and her team of psychics to target Brainiac's immense fountain of knowledge.

As part of this attack on the villain's mind, the United States government is able to map out Brainiac's entire brain. Once that process is complete, Task Force XI is used to data-mine his mind, and essentially scoop out all the information that the AI has collected over the years. The attack proves to be too much for his body to stand, and Brainiac's head ends up exploding. However, we don't yet know the outcome of Waller's plan. Did they get all the data they needed, or did blowing the villain's mind ruin everything?

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If Amanda Waller has managed to steal all the data from Brainiac's head, it could prove to be a very dangerous resource. All the information in there about incoming threats, advanced technology and intergalactic data could become a very dangerous weapon in the hands of the US government. If the heroes learn who was responsible for Brainiac's "demise," it wouldn't be surprising to see them strike back in order to make sure no government has control over this vast amount of information. It could be here that Batman will likely comes into possession of the Brainiac Files.

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Instead of keeping the data contained and unused in the Justice League vaults, Batman may see this as an opportunity to get ahead of the game. At the end of Dark Nights: Metal, he warned everyone that he had no idea what was coming. However, Batman stays in the dark for only so long. If he can use this information to figure out what is coming for them following the destruction of the Source Wall, he can make sure that the Justice League, and Gotham City, is ready for what's next.

One major possibility is that Batman might take what Brainiac did and said to heart. After using only a mathematical equation to defeat the world's superhero teams, and then reconfiguring them into more efficient groupings, it's possible that Batman may try to emulate these methods for the greater good. For all we know, the new Outsiders team Detective Comics seems to be building toward will actually be based on Brainiac's own methodology and near-infinite reservoir of knowledge.

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