The Final Fate of a Classic Villain Revealed in Justice League: No Justice

Just as this shaky alliance is about to be put to the test against the Wisdom entity on Colu, everything goes completely wrong. Earth may have been left behind by Brainiac, but Earth is not letting him get away that easily. Amanda Waller unleashes her secret Task Force XI team of psychics to attack Brainiac and seize all the information he has gathered on the universe.

It's the definition of poor timing, and it may prove to be the undoing of the universe's last best hope. The attack on Brainiac's mind proves to be too much for him to handle. He loses complete control of the situation, and his head literally explodes.

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It's hard to imagine that Brainiac is permanently dead, but it won't be easy for him to recover in time to lead this operation. Future solicitations have already said that the mission on Colu proves to be something of a disaster, so these groups may not have much of a chance without their leader.

At the end of Justice League: No Justice #1, the teams Brainiac put together are left without their tactician. This means they will have to figure out how to enact the villain's plan without the objectiveness that Brainiac originally brought to the table. We already know this group of people aren't going to get along very well, but it will be up to them to put their differences aside and get the job done.

How will Robin deal with Harley Quinn? Can Superman bear to be around Starro? How will Wonder Woman work alongside Etrigan the Demon? Can Batman trust Lex Luthor? These are the questions that No Justice will have to answer, and it's the mess that Brainiac has left us with.

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