The Final Fate of a Classic Villain Revealed in Justice League: No Justice

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #1 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Josh Williamson and Francis Manapul, in stores now.

Justice League: No Justice promises to introduce new team-ups between heroes and villains, pairings that we have never seen in the history of the DC Universe, while it takes us where the DCU has never been before. The creative team of Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and Francis Manapul promise to force DC's characters into the future, but to do so, everyone is going to have to work together.

Whether they like it or not.

The Omega Titans are coming. Giant energy-eating space gods who feed on the emotional energy of living creatures are poised to literally eat the universe. In order to defeat these incredible beings, the heroes and villains of Earth are going to have to work together in ways they never imagined before. That means new teams and different methods.

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The first issue of the four-issue weekly series reveals just how much this is Brainiac's plan. He recruits the members, chooses the teams' rosters, and devises the plan of attack. With his leadership, it's possible they could come out on top of the oncoming threat. Maybe.

Brainiac Loses Complete Control

For most of Justice League: No Justice #1, Brainiac is in complete control of the situation. He invades Earth and makes quick work of every superhero team, including the Titans, Teen Titans, Suicide Squad and finally, the Justice League. The whole battle is conducted just to prove a point to the superheroes that their methods are predictable: In order to defeat beings as powerful as the Omega Titans, Brainiac will have to lead them to victory.

By the time the various heroes can even come to, they are aboard Brainiac's skull ship, already having been divided into four different teams, and are wearing unfamiliar costumes. There is no sense of choice within this entire operation, this is not a team-up. Instead, Brainiac has acquired the bodies he needs, and is now giving them no choice but to follow his every move. If they don't? He's forced things to ensure that the Omega Titans will attack Earth next. He has them all right where he wants them... until he doesn't.

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Brainiac set out to create the most efficient teams possible based solely on abilities, and without regard for things like emotion and personal relationships. For a semi-artificial being like Brainiac, emotions have no place in the equation, but it's clear that this time, that fact has caused him to miscalculate. By putting this eclectic group of people together, and throwing several villains into the equation, it becomes apparent that many of them just don't work well together.

Damian Wayne argues with Dr. Fate over how they should proceed. Starfire and Sinestro nearly come to blows with one another. Starro attempts to kill everyone else in the room. It's all a little more than what Brainiac is used to dealing with, and it's clear that he's going to have a difficult time controlling them through the mission. In fact, the only way he can think to keep them in check is by blackmailing them all into following his orders.

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