Amanda Waller's Task Force XI, Explained

What is commonly referred to as Task Force X in the DC Universe, has a long history of dividing resources up depending what the threat happens to be. In previous continuity, Task Force X was initially divided into the Suicide Squad and Argent, which took care of domestic issues during the Cold War. This team previously seen in Justice League: New Frontier, and the recent "Secret History of Task Force X" storyline in Suicide Squad brought it back into continuity.

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Amanda Waller has seemingly continued this tradition by splitting up her resources among different squads whenever she needs a new power set on the board. She already has the Suicide Squad under her thumb, but when they are up against an incredibly strong opponent, Waller called in Task Force XL. Debuting in the pages of Damage, this group is primarily made up of heavy hitters like Parasite, Solomon Grundy, and Giganta, who might be better suited against giant destructive monsters.

Now we see that Task Force XI is her own personal team of gifted psychics who are forced into mentally attacking targets that are deemed dangerous by the US government. As effective as this group seems to be in the pages of No Justice, you have to wonder if this is giving Amanda Waller too much power. If she can take out someone as powerful as Brainiac, how long until she brings out a specialized team of radiation users who can directly effect Superman, a group of fire wielders to take out Martian Manhunter, or a specialized force that can compete with the Flash? We all know Waller is dangerous, but she may have finally gone too far.

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