Justice League: No Justice - Did Amanda Waller Just Doom the World?

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Justice League: No Justice #1 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and Francis Manapul, on sale now.

The universe is under siege again, as first shown in the "No Justice" prelude in DC Nation #0. Justice League: No Justice #1 reveals that those four cosmic beings are known as the Omega Titans, and they come from beyond the now-breached Source Wall, once believed to be the boundary of the multiverse. In Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and Francis Manapul's introductory issue, a threat of such magnitude brings together the unlikeliest of allies. That ally turns out to be Superman's longtime foe Brainiac, in a classic enemy-of-the-enemy scenario.

Too bad Amanda Waller didn't get that memo.

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Way to Go, Waller

Granted, the arrival of Brainiac hasn't historically heralded anything for Earth's heroes to be happy about, and his initial actions don't exactly appear like he's extending an olive branch. The combined might of the Suicide Squad, both Titans teams, and the Justice League try to fight but are ultimately captured by Brainiac, who quickly convinces them he is on their side – this time. The heroes seemingly disappear when transported to Brainiac's ship, where he reveals that the Omega Titans have arrived on his home world of Colu.

Meanwhile, ignorant of Brainiac's intent, Waller has assembled the world's most powerful psychics for her new Task Force XI initiative – among them, Maxwell Lord, Hector Hammond, and Jemm. Too bad Brainiac doesn't have a traditional mind that could simply be read to understand his intentions, as surely one of the captive collective could have done so. Instead, Waller sends the entirety of the new task force to hack into his brain and learn what he knows. Ultimately, the effort fails on a disastrous scale – instead of learning anything from Brainiac, Task Force XI ends up destroying him, in explosive Scanners-style fashion.

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Oops. Now What?

Any other time, Brainiac's demise would have been cause for universal celebration. But in destroying Brainiac, Waller inadvertently also destroyed the best chance the world's heroes had against the Omega Titans. But the Justice League and the rest of their allies are still a pretty smart bunch, right? They'll figure it out.

Maybe. Before Brainiac's mind got fried, he was about to unveil a detailed plan that would allow the four newly assembled Justice League teams to defeat the Omega Titans. But all he had time to relate to the Leagues before his destruction was that his plan – whatever it was – needed to be followed exactly as outlined by him. Failure to do so also means failure to stop the cosmic beings, who Brainiac had already ensured would make their way to Earth next, as an added incentive for the Leagues to cooperate.

So, in killing Brainiac, Waller not only destroyed the Leagues' best chance of success against the Omega Titans, she also guaranteed that Earth will be their next target. Suicide, indeed.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" isn't the only familiar adage at play here – "With friends like these, who needs enemies" also comes to mind in light of Waller's uninformed actions.

How the four new Justice Leagues will handle the threat – and whether they'll let Waller be a part of it, should they learn of what she did – stand to be addressed in Justice League: No Justice #2, on sale May 16.

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