The Justice League's New Symbol Has a Special Martian Meaning

Following the events of Justice League: No Justice, things have definitely kicked up a gear for DC Comics' premier team of heroes. Not only did they face the threats of the Dark Multiverse and manage to survive, they learned a lot about themselves in the process.

Of course, this will all be tested like never before thanks to the aftereffects of that event. A breach in the Source Wall which has sent a mysterious form of energy, the Totality, hurtling towards Earth. As the team debates how to handle this, Justice League #1 goes in depth into the the symbolism behind the ensemble of superheroes, as well as what's clearly their total opposite; a signal of doom for a dying multiverse.

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The relaunched title (from Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung) deals with the ideals of the Justice League, and what it stands for as an institution. The League is not just a physical presence as the Hall of Justice dictates, but a symbol for something greater. When J'onn holds a round table discussion on the astral plane regarding how they ought to deal with the impending arrival of the Totality, we find out exactly what the League's new icon represents, and it's much more than a simple visual representation of their new headquarters.

In fact, the symbol is the closest thing J'onn's people on Mars had for the word "justice." As such, it's a perfect match for the League, whom he sees as a group meant not simply to save people, but to discover and impose "a higher standard" on the universe. In short, he believes it represents their desire to strive for more and embrace the unknown; something his people didn't do which ultimately led to their demise. This is why he isn't for destroying the Totality, but for exploring the possibilities it may hold when it comes to the universe's evolution.

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Conversely, as he's explaining this to the League, his newest rival in Lex Luthor is looking to exploit the Totality in a completely different manner. Following their clash in No Justice, Lex emerged as an avatar of chaos, so to speak, bringing this full-circle with his Legion of Doom. After killing Vandal Savage and his minions, Lex makes it clear he wants destruction to seep through from the Source Wall as he believes this is the next natural step for all life.

He beats Vandal to death with the cosmic doorknob, and as the blood builds on it, we see a symbol glowing red and pointing downwards. It's basically the total opposite to the League's icon. At the end of the issue, we find out this particular symbol, which is what Cyborg was trying to decode, does indeed signify "doom," hinting J'onn may have gambled wrong after all.

Nonetheless, with these two armies now on a collision course, it's not just a matter of physical strength and fortitude, but perhaps principle that will inevitably determine the fate of the DC universe.

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